Certificate translation Quote

This price is applicable to translation of certificate affixing with seal such as household register, transcript, degree's diploma, immigration materials, passport, driver’s license, identity card, certificate of deposit, graduation certificate, health certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, exchange certificate, CET 4 and CET 6 certificate, Certificate for National Computer, letter of attorney, letter of authorization, letter of assignment, invitation letter, product certificate, quality certificate, business license, credit certification, etc.

Language Price (RMB/Page)
English <---> Chinese 80-150/Page
Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian <---> Chinese 120-250/Page
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese <---> Chinese 200-300/Page
Other minor languages <---> Chinese Please consult the customer service


1. All files are subject to original and charged by page. Each page shall not exceed 500 words. In case the number exceeds the word restriction, the fee will be charged for every 500 words.
2. A deposit of 50% payment shall be paid in advance for every translation.